Statement in catalogue of Tenth State Exhibition – Popova

( + ) Painting

I. Architectonics

(a) Painterly space (cubism)

(b) Line

(c) Color (suprematism)

(d) Energetics () Texture

(-) Not painting but the depiction of reality

I. Aconstructiveness (a) Illusionism (b) Literariness (c) Emotions (d) Recognition (e)

II. The necessity for transformation by means of the omission of parts of form

(began in cubism)

Construction in painting = the sum of the energy of its parts.

Surface is fixed but forms are volumetrical.

Line as color and as the vestige of a transverse plane participates in, and directs

the forces of, construction.

Color participates in energetics by its weight.

Energetics = direction of volumes + planes and lines or their vestiges + all


Texture is the content of painterly surfaces.

Form is not of equal value throughout its whole sequence. The artistic con*, sciousness must select those elements indispensable to a painterly context, in which case all that is superfluous and of no artistic value must be omitted.

Hence depiction of the concrete – artistically neither deformed nor transformed i- cannot be a subject of painting.

Images of ‘painterly’ and not ‘figurative’, values are the aim of the present painting.

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