Letter to Aleksandr S. Nikolsky – K. MALEVICH

The project is to create workshops for the study of the achievements of the latest artistic in the area of painting and architecture and also their practical realization.

The development of the latest forms in the artistic of painting and architecture has entered the stage of development at which the practical development of the problem of the shaping of reality should arise.

It is now impossible to deny that the painterly of the latest formation has had an enormous influence on the shaping of our new reality. All types of art, including architecture, are under the influence of the latest painting. Our new reality is now faced with the problem of a new architectural paradigm. For this it is necessary to think of the timely organization of experimental practical workshops, in which the problems brought forward by the new currents, would not only receive scientific form but practical application.

For this reason organizational design workshops are indispensable. Such new workshops are the consequences of all the theoretical-experimental works of the Committee for the Study of the Latest Modern Art.

Such workshops must have several divisions: two basic workshop divisions — architecture and painting with a joint preparatory division.

The basic divisions are divided into many technical cabinets on architecture and painting

The painting department

Cabinets: practical studies of the latest painterly arts textures, forms, experimental and practical and technology of materials.

In the practical subdivisions or study cabinets the work is conducted close conjunction with the theoretical research division of the Committee for the Study of Modern Art

The goal of the workshops is to train highly qualified craftsmen and artists.

K. Malevich

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